A flock of 400 breeding ewes and ten Stud Rams produce approximately 780 lambs a year. PaardenKloof Estate supplies A grade superior quality meat and wool to select clients.

Our policy is to produce top quality wholesome meat that is totally organic. We believe in producing only what we ourselves will eat, and thus do not feed our sheep with antibiotics, growth hormones or unnecessary medication, except  for mandatory vaccinations.

Our mountain fynbos, cool fresh sea breezes and abundance of water and sunshine in large free roaming fields have attracted the attention of the best meat connoisseurs. Our animals are happy and healthy in every way, and are cared for

with kindness and love by a dedicated Xhosa herdsman who spends all his time taking care of their needs and monitoring their condition and feed.

PaardenKloof Estate was one of the first farms in the Western Cape to participate in the Anatolian Shepherd Livestock Guarding Dog project. Uthaya joined the farm in 2005 and successfully guards our sheep against wild animals, including leopards and caracal. His devotion in protecting his livestock could be seen when he had an old and sickly ewe in his herd.  One very hot day the herder observed him gently taking her by the back of the neck and dragging her from the heat into the shade.

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