Nguni Stud Herd  



Paardenkloof Estate is one of the first farms in the Western Cape to re-introduce the beautiful indigenous Nguni cattle to the Cape, its original home. Nguni cattle are perfectly attuned to the environment on the farm and are resistant to most diseases, ticks and drought. These cattle are central to the traditional Zulu and Xhosa kraals, where they symbolize wealth, status and prosperity. The mild temperament and refined characteristics of our stud herd demonstrate the essence of Nguni cattle in traditional African culture.

PaardenKloof Estate currently is home to eleven Stud

bulls,certified by the SA Nguni Society and Stud Book and 171Registered Stud Cows and Heifers.

Based on the ecological principles of the farm, the Nguni herd follows a natural rhythm and enjoys a free-grazing lifestyle. These principles also include alternative solutions to the complicated weaning system where one avoids putting the mothers under stress so that they can conceive naturally and easily, and by breeding them in groups on open lands.

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