Conservation represents the key foundation of our approach. The farm is situated in the Kogelberg and Overberg Biospheres, which are both declared international heritage sites, and which contain most of the 2500 species of plants found only at the tip of Africa.

More than 90% of South Africa’s wine is produced within the Cape Floristic Region. We regard our status as a World Heritage Site and Global Diversity hotspot as a privilege. At PaardenKloof Estate we have decided to preserve this heritage by maintaining 75% of the farm as a nature conservation area.

PaardenKloof Estate wines are proudly `fynbos friendly’. The vineyards purposefully occupy only a small area of the farm and are located alongside our pristine fynbos territory that is intended to be proclaimed a private nature reserve.

A botanical impact assessment, conducted in 2006, revealed that several species on the IUCN Red Data List grow on PaardenKloof Estate. As part of the estate’s conservation policy these plants will enjoy life-long protection. The estate’s meandering hiking and horse trails reveal its fynbos and birdlife treasures at their best.

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