PaardenKloof Estate is situated in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom and represents a slice of paradise on the northern slopes of the Babilonstoring Mountain Range and Nature Reserve, with vistas towards the sea and lagoon in the west and the panoramic rûens to the east.

The estate’s name can be traced back to the 1600s when the valley was used as a veterinary base for the Voortrekker horses. It served as a hospital and breeding place due to the many hiding spaces that the rolling hills provided. Wild horses inevitably roamed the area and the valley was named PaardenKloof, meaning “valley of the horses” in Dutch.

The two rivers originating on the farm, namely the Gouka River and the Leeu River, bear testimony to an even older history. The Khoisan cattle herder chiefs named the Gouka River after fattening their Nguni herds on its banks for thousands of years. It was also where they traded butter, the term “gouga” meaning “butter” in the Khoisan language. The town of Bot River was subsequently

named after the shortened form for “botter”, the Afrikaans term for “butter”.

Today, PaardenKloof Estate is a celebration of environmental intelligence, historical preservation and sustainability in farming and winemaking.

The perennial Swart River forms the northern boundary of the farm, and during winter months the Gouka River flows into the Swart River and represents the eastern boundary. The Leeu River forms the farm’s western boundary. The Babilonstoring Mountain, in the south, is the highest peak in the Overberg at 1945 m and provides the farm with water directly from the river sources.

More than 80 per cent of the 1430 ha fynbos-rich mountainous land is actively conserved for its outstanding biodiversity. A specially commissioned botanical survey identified several extremely rare Red Data species found only at PaardenKloof Estate.

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